Kelly Montefiori, COO of Marquette Savings Bank

May 2022
As of October 5th, 2022 meetings are held at Julius restaurant in Erie PA at 1607 State St in the former Erie Maennerchor Club. Meetings begin at 6:00 pm with a social hour and dinner, followed by our program/speaker. Their parking lot is in the back with the entrance on 16th street between State and French.

Our Dinner Menu:
We will have the choice of two entrees: Almond Crusted Chicken with Tomato Lemon Sauce or Crab Stuffed Shrimp with Bearnaise Sauce, with Rice Pilaf, Fresh Vegetable Medley, Rolls and Butter, Hot Coffee or Tea, and Vanilla Ice Cream with Fresh Berries.

Our Guest Speaker:
Kelly Montefiori, COO of Marquette Savings Bank
Kelly has worked in banking for 39 years in Erie and Erie County. Starting as a teller and moving through various areas of banking she is now Chief Operating Officer of Marquette Saving Bank, headquartered in Erie. Kelly is a graduate of Allegheny College, the Pennsylvania Advanced School of Banking at Bucknell University, and the ABA National Compliance School. She holds a BA in Political Science, is a certified regulatory compliance manager, and a certified community bank compliance officer. She has been married to her husband Tony for 33 years, has four children she is incredibly proud of and is excited to have her first grandchild on the way!

The HIstory of Marquette Savings Bank

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"The HIstory of Marquette Savings Bank"

<blockquote>Our guest speaker is Kelly Montefiori, COO of Marquette Savings Bank speaking on the history of Marquette. Kelly Montefiori has been with Marquette Savings Bank since 2006. In 2008, she was promoted to Vice President IT/Operations, and in 2010 was appointed to her present position. Montefiori earned a bachelor's degree from Allegheny College, is a graduate of Bucknell University Advance School of Banking, Pennsylvania Compliance and Compliance Management Academies and ABA's National Compliance School, is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager and has more than 30 years of banking experience.</blockquote>

Please join us on May 4th, 2022 at 6:00 pm, for our pre-dinner cocktail and chat time and remember to bring your friends and acquaintances. Reservations are required.

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