Warren King

February 2023
We continue to meet at the Erie Yacht Club. We will be in the lower level dining area for the next few meetings. Meetings begin at 6:00 pm with a social hour and dinner, followed by our program/speaker.

Our Dinner Menu:
Our dinner will be a buffet with a choice of two entrees: Salmon - Pescado al Horno - (American with a Mexican Twist) Baked Salmon topped with Almonds. Enhanced with Mole Poblano. Mild, not too spicy. Sunday Beef Roast – Cuete Mechado - (English/Irish with a Mexican Twist) – traditional Sunday Roast stabbed with Almonds and garlic served with chile chipotle. Mild (spicy if you eat the peppers). Dinners will be served with vegetables and starch. Tossed salad with dry Fruit, walnuts, cucumbers and tomatoes. Dressings, Rolls & Butter. Ye Ole Sweet Shoppe Cake and coffee. Guests will have the opportunity to sample the other entree.

Our Guest Speaker:
Warren King
Warren earned an associates degree from the Community College of Vermont in Computer Studies and Small Business Management. His career took him from National LIfe Insurance Company where he was the developer for a company wide system to share customer application files as well as their corporate document retention system. From there he headed up the IT services for a document service bureau and then moved to their professional services department where he led software development projects for other businesses and government agencies such as New Hampshire Secretary of State and the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). Since 2004 Warren has worked for his own company continuing work with the NJ MVC and developed various web based projects from the oil and gas industry to E-Commerce sites.

The Commercial Space Industry

For reservations; please E-Mail the Torch Club Secretary at secretary.erietorch@gmail.com.

"The Commercial Space Industry"

<p>This presentation will begin by recalling the excitement of the Apollo Moon landings era which soon ebbed after the last mission. In succeeding decades the general public's perception of space has been in the doldrums but that is now changing with the advent of multiple commercial companies entering what appears to be a huge new marketplace.&nbsp; SpaceX has revolutionized the space launch industry with its reusable rockets making putting a satellite into orbit much more affordable.&nbsp; They are also putting a giant constellation of satellites providing fast internet access to areas of the globe previously with no large bandwidth service.&nbsp; Not to be outdone Blue Origin is developing their own reusable rockets and satellite service along with several other companies.&nbsp; Plus multiple space stations are being planned to replace the ISS.&nbsp; All this and much more will be touched upon.</p>

Please join us on February 1st, 2023 at 6:00 pm, for our pre-dinner cocktail and chat time and remember to bring your friends and acquaintances. Reservations are required.

Please remember to make your reservation at secretary.erietorch@gmail.com.