Dr. Rich Bowden PhD

September 2023
As of October 5th, 2022 meetings are held at Julius restaurant in Erie PA at 1607 State St in the former Erie Maennerchor Club. Meetings begin at 6:00 pm with a social hour and dinner, followed by our program/speaker. Their parking lot is in the back with the entrance on 16th street between State and French.

Our Dinner Menu:

Our Guest Speaker:
Dr. Rich Bowden PhD
Professor Richard D. Bowden has a BA in Environmental Studies and Biology (Northland College), an MS in Aquatic Ecology (Michigan Technological University), and a PhD in Forest Ecosystems (Yale University). He has worked with students and community partners on projects related to wind power, biodiesel fuel, stream ecology, biomass energy, invasive plants, whitetail deer, forest conservation, and environmental education. He has active research pursuits in forest carbon cycling. In his spare time, he enjoys cross-country skiing, biking, kayaking, hiking, swimming, and hunting.

Climate Change: Why are we still arguing?

For reservations; please E-Mail the Torch Club Secretary at secretary.erietorch@gmail.com.

"Climate Change: Why are we still arguing?"

<p>Climate Change: Why are we still arguing?</p>

Please join us on September 6th, 2023 at 6:00 pm, for our pre-dinner cocktail and chat time and remember to bring your friends and acquaintances. Reservations are required.

Please remember to make your reservation at secretary.erietorch@gmail.com.