Richard Arthur, M.A.

May 2024
We continue to meet at the Erie Yacht Club. We will be in the lower level dining area for the next few meetings. Meetings begin at 6:00 pm with a social hour and dinner, followed by our program/speaker.

Our Dinner Menu:

Our Guest Speaker:
Richard Arthur, M.A.
Richard Jay Arthur, M.A., is a native of Pittsburgh. A 23-year veteran Army officer, he has a lifelong interest in history with particular focus on the American Colonial period. He has given talks on the Founding Fathers and the Continental Army and lectured on the role of Pennsylvanians on the planning and actions of D-Day, including stories based on interviews with participants. A website features stories from his Butler County youth at He earned his bachelors degree from Allegheny College, and his masters from George Washington University. He and his wife, Mary Lou, live in rural Erie County, where they operate Winters End, an environment that supports bees and butterflies.

Northwest Pennsylvania - Critical spot on the world stage

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"Northwest Pennsylvania - Critical spot on the world stage"

Richard discusses why the area of Northwest Pennsylvania was, for about sixty years, a critical spot on the world stage. Covers Native Peoples, New France, Washingtons visit to Fort Le Boeuf, and the early years of the republic as played out in the frontier region of Northwest Pennsylvania. (Given to the Washington Trail Council)

Please join us on May 1st, 2024 at 6:00 pm, for our pre-dinner cocktail and chat time and remember to bring your friends and acquaintances. Reservations are required.

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